Genuine understanding of how to communicate…

“To be a good teacher you need to be more than just a brilliant musician. You need to understand. You need to understand the technical demands of your instrument and, most importantly, you need to understand people and how they think and learn. Not only is Jacqui an exquisite and stylish gamba player she has a genuine understanding of how to communicate. She instinctively knows how to get the best from all her students at whatever level.
I have been learning the viola da gamba with Jacqui for over ten years now and from the very first lesson Jacqui made me feel comfortable and at ease. There’s a real delight in working with someone who really knows what she’s doing. Not only does Jacqui have a solid technical expertise and an astonishing knowledge and understanding of the repertoire, but she has a talent for finding the story in the music. She knows how to bring it to life. She is a true inspiration. Even on those days when I am struggling to play even some of the right notes, she can always find something good and encouraging to say. I don’t know how she copes with me sometimes, but she does.
In all my forty plus years of making music, as a student, performer and teacher, Jacqui is one of the people from whom I have learnt most.”

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