Lessons for Viola da gamba with Jacqui Robertson-Wade

Welcome to Viol Player Online, a course to take your viol playing from the very first steps up to an advanced level. It mixes detailed and extensive teaching videos that come as close as you can get to a face-to-face lesson with an experienced teacher and a carefully structured progressive method based on my Viol Player books for treble, tenor and bass viol.

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A module of 10 online lessons with Jacqui Robertson-Wade at each level, including digital copies of Viol Player books and play along mp3 for Treble, Tenor or Bass.Viola da Gamba Lessons online.

The initial volumes of Viol Player series came out of my experience of teaching children to play the viol in schools, and replicate the careful step-by-step progressive teaching approaches that are the norms with all mainstream instruments but hadn’t existed for the viol. For more about Jacqui’s experience with teaching viols in schools see here.

The books have received international acclaim and found favour with adult learners looking for a progressive approach to learning the viol.

The first steps in learning to play any instrument are important in founding good technique and so you can progress onto the next level. My teaching videos are a culmination of 35 years teaching, either as a cello or viol teacher. My approach is informed by authentic historical accounts of viol technique and I use the principles of Alexander Technique to promote relaxed healthy playing, giving a strong sense of 'how it feels' to play and to learn new muscle memories.  My philosophy of string teaching is to always make a beautiful sound, so my lessons and Viol Player tutor books reflect this, taking time with learning bowing technique at different levels. For more about Jacqui click here.

The video lessons [20-40 minutes long] pick up and demonstrate in careful detail the various elements in the Viol Player books, as if you were working through them with a teacher. Viol Player Online also covers other issues such as how to look after your viol and some of the specialised members of the viol family such as the pardessus de viole.  There are also play along videos to build up confidence and pleasure in playing with other people.

Additionally, I can offer personal lessons by Zoom and can be reached on this email address:  jacqui@rondopublishing.co.uk

If you’re not sure what viol to play, meet Jacqui and she’ll help you decide.

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