Pardessus lesson (part 1): Marais/Villeneuve Echo Fantaisie

In 1759 Jean-Pierre de Villeneuve published transcriptions of approximately 200 pieces selected from Marin Marais’ five books of Pièces de Violes, which have been recently published by Alice Brin Renken, available from the Boulder Early Music Shop, USA.
In the later publication of 1762 Villeneuve transcribes the pieces for two and three viols as well as trios by Corelli. It is from this manuscript VM71107, the Fantaisie en Echo can be found, but with the continuo part missing, presumably because Velleneuve thought the duet was complete without it.
In this lesson, Marais’ ornaments are introduced with technical advice about how to play them and also in the French style.
At the end of the lesson there is a play along track where you can play the second part with Jacqui.

Marais/Villeneuve – Fantaisie en Echo: Lesson Part 2 & Play Along – Without Ornaments

In Part 2 of this lesson, we look at this piece without ornamentation.
This is for 4 reasons:
1. to make listening to the other part easier
2. to make phrasing easier to understand
3. to make it easier to place the ornaments
4. how to be on the right place on the bow
(The bar numbers I refer to in the video are for the top part.)
At the end of the lesson there is an un-ornamentated (mostly!) play along track to play the second part with Jacqui.