Always responsive to requests…

“Taking up the viol for the first time was my retirement project and I’m fortunate to have Jacqui as my principle teacher. She is rigorous in her teaching methods, setting high standards, but patient, supportive and encouraging at the same time. Her series of Rondo Publishing tutor books take students through a carefully thought-out progression of technical skills and are also useful as a revision tool. The books are now supplemented with the series of helpful online videos which Jacqui has produced.

My lessons with Jacqui have now had to move online but, although they are not really a substitute for face-to-face teaching, nevertheless have been equally motivating. Jacqui has recorded tailored play-along audio files for some of the pieces I have been working on and she is always responsive to requests for help with specific technical challenges.

Playing the viol gives a huge amount of pleasure and the learning experience with Jacqui is inspirational.”

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