Understands the challenges…

“Jacqui is a widely experienced viol teacher, always warmly encouraging and inspiring, and I would recommend her so highly as a viol teacher to anyone, of any age or standard.

I have played the piano and violin and viola for many years now, so my instrumental playing focus has been on music from the baroque period to now – but I have had a passion for earlier music for practically all that time too, and often thought how wonderful it could be to try a viol.  And about ten years ago, I borrowed a treble viol, then managed to buy one, which was followed by obtaining a tenor viol last year – and throughout this wonderful discovery period, I have been so lucky to have had Jacqui as both a teacher and a consort coach, sometimes on the hugely enjoyable RVA courses that she co-runs.  It has been very inspiring for me that Jacqui has originally come from the classical world herself and absolutely understands the challenges for someone with my background, of learning the contrasting techniques and musical interpretations that are unique to the viol and to the early music world.  Along with this, I so much appreciate how thorough Jacqui is in her teaching, in every respect: from correcting posture, bow hold, left hand position, bowing angle, bow stroke, sound, ornaments, musical style … in fact, everything relevant to any piece being learned at the time, and beyond!  Jacqui has an impressive understanding of just how far to push me as a student too, I feel – often with plans that at first appear possibly too difficult, but which then prove to be part of a very exciting journey.  I have also found her wonderful series of tutor and pieces books and YouTube videos all wonderfully supportive of her teaching, and to listen to her perform is an extremely special treat.  Truly wonderful teaching!”

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